Hi, I am Xenia!

Travelling the world, seeing things from a new perspective and being able to see and feel different kind of cultures. That’s one of the reasons why I named my website like this. “my wxnderlust” – my wanderlust with the letter X in it. Just something different with a personal touch.

Wanderlust! That’s all I need to begin with. Travelling is a desire. I want to see the world and learn about it. Being able to go around the planet, capturing the beauty but also life’s day-to-day moments.


Photography and travelling are the things I prefer to do the most.

I graduated from the University of Applied Photography in July 2019.




Beside MyWxnderlust I have a separate instagram for my portrait/life-style photography work!

You can check it out on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xennphoto/