Hi, I am Xenia!

Photography started for me as a passion, I think it’s important to have a certain feeling for it and practice with trial and error.
Then I decided to really do something with it, I started a photography study and I graduated from the University of Applied Photography, Amsterdam in 2019.

My great passion is to see the world through an other perspective than we are used to. Images, pictures and video’s are coming at you daily through many channels. I would like to look at life and the world we are living in, in an other way and if you are curious how, just follow me.

It’s different, not fast as the world is turning in this moment. But breathing slowly and peacefully. I like to keep things minimalistic most of the time. To give a feeling of peace instead of the sensory overload we get when we’re looking at all the social platforms we use.

The thing that inspires me the most is traveling, like the different cultures, habits and landscapes.